Shout-out to the Lurkers

I’ve never really introduced myself properly on this thing, but I’m really curious as to who all you lurkers are. Surely the hits on this page aren’t all from my mum, right? (Unless my mum is somehow managing to be in a dozen countries at once, I’m fairly sure it’s not just her reading this.)

So for all you lurkers, I have a couple of messages to pass on.

1.)  I didn’t want to personalise this blog at all because it’s really weird to talk about myself in this sort of context. Besides, it seemed unnecessary because a lot of people who read LH already know who I am. But for the complete strangers, I’m Zeynab, nice to meet you 🙂 I live in Australia, study Law and Communications and no, before you ask, I’m not married. Here’s a shot of the side of my head. Ok, so it’s mainly a shot of the Alhambra, but that’s a lot more interesting than my face.


2.) Join the Facebook page! It’s a lot more interesting than just reading the entries because people get into some really great discussions, and that way you always know what’s happening. I also like to share stuff in addition to the entries on here, so there’s another reason to get it on the action. Share it with your friends as well, the more the merrier 🙂

3.) If you ever have a suggestion, query or burning confession, I’ve set up an anonymous survey thingamajig for you to let it all out. And yes, anonymous means that even I won’t know who you are, so go nuts. (Note: that was not an invitation to troll. Again, that was not an invitation to troll. Please don’t troll me. Please?)

4.) I’m happy to take guest contributions, whether anonymous or not. It’s your chance to vent to hundreds of people in a way that won’t have you arrested for public nuisance.  Hooray! If you want to contribute, send a message through to the Facebook page or send through your ideas anonymously using the link above.

5.) There is no five, but four was just an awkward number to leave it at. And yes, I did just make it even more awks. Until next time iA 🙂


4 responses to “Shout-out to the Lurkers

  1. Sorry – can’t like the Facebook page, it’s too awkward! What if someone sees that I liked a blog called “love”, yuck. People might thing that I like to think/talk/debate issues around marriage – which I do of course, but can it be so public?! (I’m sure there’s some interesting psychological and social analysis that could take place here, cos I’m deadly serious!)

    • It’s weird, Facebook actually doesn’t let you see the people who like your page unless they’re your friend, so I can’t see half the people who have liked it! But your own friends will see it under your likes, which is what you’re worried about I daresay lol. I don’t see why it’s embarrassing though bro 🙂 everyone’s secretly interested anyway, so seeing one person be interested in it might make everyone else come out of the closet!

  2. Z! I’m blogging about your latest article and Love Haqtually. Looking forward to your next piece 🙂

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