Before I begin, let me clarify that writing this blog does not mean that I claim to possess professional or religious expertise. I’m not a psychologist or a scholar; I’m simply a layperson who is interested in all matters of the heart, and who also, alhamdulillah, happens to be Muslim. (Please bear this in mind before you rip me to shreds based on something I said which doesn’t tickle your fancy!)

Being Muslim impacts on every aspect of my identity, and relationships are no different. I enjoy reading relationships columns, but whenever I do I engage in a mental chop-and-change process to make them relevant to my life and the lives of my Muslim friends. Undeniably, there are some issues of the heart particular to those seeking to ‘keep it Halal’. Observant members of other faiths may be able to relate to some of these issues, while others will be specific to Muslims. Many issues may be entirely universal in their scope and appeal.

The aim of this blog is not to provide definitive answers. In fact, I’ll probably raise far more questions than answers, so apologies in advance! My aim is merely to provide a space to discuss issues relating to romance, heartbreak and everything in between, and make this space one that is tailored to Muslims. There are so many taboos and peculiarities amongst the Muslim relationship scene, and as such I have no doubt whatsoever that it will make for some interesting (to say the least) discussions.

Who am I? I’m a flawed observer of human nature. I eagerly follow the stories of my friends and find myself compulsively matchmaking them wherever possible. I find humour in the absurdity of some aspects of Muslim courtship, while simultaneously maintaining immense respect for those trying to keep it Halal. I’m fascinated by everyone’s journey to love and beyond (#toystoryreference). I only hope the journey of this blog can reflect this complex mix of joy, sorrow and faith, and that you’ll join me for the ride.

PS-The blog’s name is my little joke. If you know your rom-coms, you’ll realise right away that it’s a play on one of its most prominent, Love Actually. But of course, when you’re Muslim things play out a little differently to your average boy-meets-girl story (not that rom-coms are particularly indicative of real life for anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim, but that’s another issue altogether). Haq, or truth, is central to Islam. In seeking the-(lowercase)-one, a Muslim ultimately serves seeks to serve The One: Allah swt. The name is a reminder to myself and everyone else that romantic love is a means to a greater end, and that end is becoming closer to Allah swt. The name is also a reminder to never, ever take myself too seriously. On that note, let’s get this (non-alcoholic) party started 🙂


2 responses to “Bismillah

  1. So glad I stumbled upon this blog. As you say, many more questions raised by rewarding your posts than are answered but it’s comforting knowing someone else has the same musings as I do on this topic. Keep up the good work.

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